This great bandana by Rumble59 really shouldn't lack in any wardorbe. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. The unique printing design is available on two fabric colours. Even 50s legends like Marlon Brando or Rosie the Riveter haven't left the house without a bandana. Rosie preferred wearing the bandana as headscarf - Marlon Brando has worn his bandana casual at the back pocket of his blue jeans. This bandana is a stylish and classic 50s accessory that matches nearly every application. The bandana is made of thin cotton fabric. The classic print looks great in black and red. This bandana fits everywhere: Worn classical and casual in back pocket, as head- and hairband, as headscarf or scarf. The race against the devil won't only be a daredevil trial of courage now, but even a stylish performance! The Rumble59 Bandana - Racing against the Devil at a glance: Compostion: 100% Cotton Colour: red or black Print: colour white Size: approx . 52 x 52 cm also available as set with a leather bandana ring Rumble59 offers cool and useful accessories for lovers of the rock'n'roll style! This bandana inspires with the great print and the classic colours.

Bandana/ Scarf Racing against the Devil

Colour: RED

If you see anything, such as a size that we currently dont have in stock, please do not hestitate to get in touch.

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